The Art, The Story, The Process: Behind The Scenes

I can’t really recall when I became a T.V. and film nut, probably somewhere between Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Lord of the Rings. I only know it’s stuck with me and has become more than just a hobby, but a dream to realize. For me the finished films are magical, but the real magic has always lied in the process of T.V. and film production. A process that for better or worse is truly unlike any other I’ve had the distinct pleasure to be a part of.

This blog is a celebration of film and T.V., that takes a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes. Especially, the often overlooked departments, that have really only started to be shown to the world through DVD extra’s, social media, and other outlets, who don’t always get the fame or big awards – for example the art department. Thus each week(if time allows) I’ll try to feature a different film or T.V. show that captures the great mastery and craft of creating costumes, makeup, hair, props, scene design, etc. . . In addition, I hope to highlight the true story or history behind many of these films and T.V. series.

In the end, it’s really just about sharing a love of stories and great entertainment. So be inspired! Learn! Watch! Create!

P.S. I will aim for accuracy as much as possible, but sometimes it’s just an educated guess.