Lost Girl: Kenzie Style

Lost Girl

Kenzi — Lost Girl Syfy

There’s Bo — ultimate bad-ass and Fae. Then there’s the real bad-ass — Bo’s sidekick and bestie Kenzi, who not only repeatedly steals the show, but whose character rocks the best style this side of Fae land, courtesy of costume designers Anne Dixon(Season 1-2) and Noreen Landry (Season 3-4). Kenzi’s style is edgy, fun, and sexy, yet always original. Probably an ode to emerging fashion styles like Goth, Steampunk, Rock, Emo, and Punk that made headway in the early 1980s. Lost Girl is one of the few television shows that still creates original costumes for its cast.

While Kenzi, played by Kesnia Solo, is the ultimate fashionista and chameleon. Always ready for work or play. Her signature style includes state of the art layering with corsets over long sleeve tops, skinny jeans, mini skirts, fitted jackets, and fingerless gloves/arm warmers to match often paired with boots and a whole lot of hardcore bling. Her wardrobe completely compliments her personality and evolving journey with Bo in Lost Girl. Though my favorite part is how well the costumes fit into the world they inhabit, yet are contemporary enough to wear today.

So here is my top 5 favorite Kenzi looks. Enjoy!

1.  Glam Rock


Kenzi Lost Girl(Showcase)


2. Red Warrior


3. China Doll


  4. Razor Sharp Sidekick

5. Classic Kenzi


And just for kicks, because all of Kenzi’s outfits truly rock. Here’s a bonus look.

( All Images on Fanpop.com and Courtesy of Syfy & Showcase)