Evolution of Disney: Part II


Finding-Nemo-2 brave-2



In continuation with the Evolution of Disney series this week I’ll look at Disney’s 3D Animation, made with a new generation in mind, that moves away from its traditional roots, but still maintains the basic foundation and traditional methods of Disney Animation.

In recent years, Disney known especially over the years for its 2D animated features, has produced increasingly more and more 3D animated films, usually in conjunction with Pixar — a company who started the 3D animated revolution with Toy Story and  created other films like The Incredibles, Monsters Inc.,Tangled, Brave, and Finding Nemo among others. Often portraying characters that are fresh, yet familiar to previous character designs with a wide-eyes, robust personality, and eagerness that is irresistible to both kids and adults alike.



Of these, their most recent sensation, Frozen, has caused quite a stir forever changing the way we envision animation.

Personally,  I think Frozen is quite similar to Lion King(but people).

The 3D camera moves beautifully to create the feel of  a live Broadway musical harkening back to Disney’s classic animation age where music was front and center.  Meanwhile Frozen, unlike most of Disney’s other animated films isn’t about the princess finding prince charming so much, but instead  focuses on the power of love and fear and more importantly the relationship between two sisters.


Simply put, this film stands out above the rest for so many reasons, like the music which is superb, plus the fun and relate able characters. It’s definitely a can’t miss film, especially for Disney fans. Trust me you’ll be singing  “Let it Go” by the end.

Stay tuned for more 3D Disney soon and don’t forget to check out my tumblr@cinematictruths Minute Review of Frozen!