The Master of Gothic Mainstream: Tim Burton


There have been many films that have left their mark on pop culture and changed the way we see the world, but only a handful of directors have created a vision with such imagination as Tim Burton — the master of fantasy Gothic, who showed us that eccentric is sometimes the best way to be.


Tim Burton, the son of a baseball player, was born in the city of Burbank, CA were he spent his childhood watching classic horror films and making short films for his amusement. While doodling and painting in class or where ever he could, which turned into a scholarship and education at CalArts, one of the premier art colleges in America.

Where shortly after graduating he briefly worked at Walt Disney Studios before branching out on his own to further his creativity.

This departure led to Tim’s first feature film Pee Wee’s Big Adventure which opened the door to more film opportunities.


Of course the best part about any Burton film is the visual style; that is always unique, dark, and inventive and it still remains a signature of both his animated and live-action films since Batman or really even Vincent (since then Burton has often worked with Warner Brothers and Walt Disney Studios).

The early Batman franchise introduced us to the darkness of Gotham with its unforgettable characters. While Beetlejuice provided a first glimpse into the mind of Tim Burton, but it wasn’t until The Nightmare Before Christmas that he showed us his true creative genius and animation talents and thankfully films have never been the same since.

Yet even for all their eccentricity his films also carry an odd humor and delicate vulnerability that makes us care about the most unlikely creature such as in Big Fish and Edward Scissorhands. His twist on life and on some of the greatest stories of our time have opened our mind to the strange beauty that is life — and there’s nothing fictional about that.



Interestingly enough, there are some things you may not know about this mysterious director. Read below to discover some fun information.

  • Designed a special balloon for the Macy’s day parade.
  •  Moved in with grandparents at age 12.
  • Has worked numerous times with screenwriter John August.
  •  Uses his original childhood artwork for film inspiration and character looks.
  •  Loves monster movies.
  • Role Model is Vincent Price
  •  Has made cameo appearances in films.
  • Tim Burton almost launched the Superman franchise with Nicholas Cage.
  •  Has brother named Daniel.

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